XS 650 Chopper

This was a Chopeer I decided to dig into many years ago. I really didnt document things back then and I wish I did, but I never thought I would have to or want to. Anyhow, It turned out to be a really neat little bike, it wass fun to ride and it was pretty quick due to the weight - or should I say lack there of.

Stock Motor gone through to run tip top
Custom 2 into 1 Headers
Stock Carbs
Polished Engine Plates
G&S no stretch Frame
G&S mid sets
G&S Deep Tunnel Sporty Peanut Tank
Biltwell 1" Z bars
Chrome Customs 1" Handlebar Risers
HD spot utility light
Custom Control Cables
Stock Rims
Stock Rear Drum polished and rebuilt.
Custom Stainless Steel Battery Box / Electrical Box
Kickstart only
Starter Cap
West Eagle Rear Duck bill Alloy Fender
Ebay Special Solo Seat - not allot of options back in the day!
Benjie Stainless Fork Covers
BSA Tail Light
Polished Lowers
Rebuilt Front Forks

This Bike is SOLD

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