Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hell on Wheels 2012 - Chug a Lug

Here we go the last of the last and worst of the worst. Did I say That! Fuck yes I did...Hey everyone, "THE BEER BOOTER CHUG  LUG" my buddy Chris yells out and no one, then a few and then all - yeh all chicks and one dude. One FUCKING dude and a bunch of chicks that cant gulp beer but tried with all their might, but trying doesnt cut it, matter of fact trying is lame. I remember I almost lost this full contact Chinese boxing match back in the late 80's but at the end I was victorious, as I left the ring I looked at my teacher shaking his head and I looked right at him and said "I tried my best" and he hit me, yeh hit me, fucking unbelievable but he gawd damned hit me just for him to get my attention to tell me that "trying" was for losers and doing was for winners - holly shit I thought to myself this guy has some real issues...

Anyways,,,,,It was a day of the Chuga lug for chicks, ladies you one up'd man that day, you showed them it takes women ballz to do a beer booter, you showed them to step up as a lady, a woman, that being made from a rib actually means something, being a strong female means one thing and one thing only - SIT THE FUCK BACK DOWN! because you showed everyone that men fookin rule at what we were made to do, fight, fuck and drink (kidding babe-lol)! yeh ol' no personality Josh was out numbered 7 to 1, tired from cookin Turkey legs all day without a smile, tired from the dust, smoke and tough turkey leg that tasted allot like his personality, ol' "Turkey Leg Josh" kicked your asses, took no names and forgot what happened two minutes later I think, couldn't tell!

Anyhow, thanks for participating in my non-eventful chug a lug, If it was not for some of you it would have been lam'er but I will say thanks for "doing" I happen to respect that!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Weekend

Both Days are filled with fun and even a night...Orange County Madness!!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hell On Wheels 2012 - The Beauty Pageant

Not too many girlies this year and my photo taking skills are and were right up to par at this moment - shit! So take it or leave it it is what it is.
The Hell on Wheels Flag girlie won the show, she was cute, she seemed really nice, she could wave a flag and seemed excited and she rode in on a sportster!

Happy Anniversary Port Brewing

Port Brewing Anniversary - This is a heck of an Ale, 10% tongue buckler happiness - er' I mean hoppiness!

A massively hopped strong pale ale brewed to celebrate our anniversary each year.
Anniversary Ale is light gold to pale orange in color and offers a potent aroma of fresh pine and citrus with some warming alcohols present.
The taste is a thick, chewy hop presence only barely contained by balancing malts.
The finish is pure hop expression with a moderate warming alcohol sensation.
Hops – Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe; dry-hopped with Columbus and Amarillo
Body – Medium
Original Gravity – 1.090
ABV – 10%
Availability – Late Spring / Early Summer Release

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Here are some bikes that I liked! Im sure I missed a ton of them but these are some that I was able to capture in my picture box, phone, emailer, textin machine.