Friday, December 30, 2011

Beer Booters year in Review: Hell on Wheels

What can I say, I was going anyway so we imposed our ritual of idiocy on the Hell on Wheels gang. Wompy bought a booth, we brought Still Kickin and Booter Tshirts and sold them for $20.00. With that $20.00 you could drink all of our gorgeous Belgian IPA donated by the good guys over at Angel City Brewing. Shit yeh this was a good time. Everyone had their fill with good beer and we had a blast watching the moto races as well the beauty pageant and the infamous Chug-a-lug that had the most attendees as of yet. Next to us were the my very good friends Jesse and Scott from the Spokesmen grilling like champs and feeding the masses good home cooked polo asada. This was pretty much a drunk fest in which I was hung over for two days after. Thanks to my boy Matro for driving us home or I would have been sleeping in the bushes.


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