Saturday, December 31, 2011

Beer Booter Sponsors

Thank you guys for making this year a great Beer Booter year. Let it be known if it were not for your generous sponsorship much of this would have never have happened; smiles would have never been made, assholes wouldn't have ever been revealed, Stupid stories wouldn't have wasted countless hours of my life, Internet hero's would have made another 1000 points in warcraft, Orange County peeps would have just went to the mall, fuel injected sporties wouldn't have been primed that day, more shit beer would have been drank, and hang overs would have been just mere a thought.

Support those who support The Awesomeness of Stupidity!

Beer Breed (RIP)
Bear Brewing

Hell on Wheels

Beer Booters Year in Review

We saved the best for last... For all you chopper hero's we through a hell of a Jamboreep over at Wompy's in the heat of August, in which I think allot of people were not into because we were actually making fun of allot of those people. The 30 or so people that did show got to eat some damned fine Costa Rican grub put on by Wompy's familia as well Ballast Point IPA on draft and participate in one of the best  parties so far.. We got to see a ChugaLug if you didn't blink because the Never Readys brought a ringer! and the Belly Flop contest will go down in history as one of the funniest things I have ever seen - congrats Allen, it was a well deserved win.
Thanks for showing up to our lil parties, see ya next year foolios.

The Belly Flop Champ

the Best Bike

Best Bike Award

Kraus Motor Co - WOW


Kraus Motor Co. “Achuma”

Shovelhead custom
By David Edwards — Named after a South American cactus known for its hallucinogenic properties, “Achuma” is part old Harley and part motocrosser, a Shovelhead-powered streetfighter that’s got a style all its own. There’s even a built-in skidplate for inner-city curb jumping! “Yeah, I don’t look too hard at what everybody else is doing,” builder Satya Kraus says about his styling influences.
The 35-year-old was born and still lives in the shadows of Northern California’s mighty redwoods. A fairly ordinary early career path led to a computer company gig, but working with his hands, making things he could actually hold and feel called out, and in 2004 Satya chucked it all to build choppers. Ink, awards and bike commissions soon followed, but a rigid frame’s limitations bothered him. Kraus grew up riding dirtbikes and appreciated the spine-friendly benefits of a working rear suspension. “I wanted something with a racier look and feel, a real ‘roadable’ machine,” he says.
Shovelhead custom
A collection of old engineering books substituted for formal training, helped by curiosity, trial-and-error, learning from elders and a good dose of common sense. “As far as fabrication and welding and machining and all that stuff, that’s all self-taught. I never went to school for it,” he says. Chief in Kraus’ build philosophy is light weight. “I think people tend to overbuild things, to use a lot of metal because they don’t know how much or how little it really takes,” he explains. “They’re adding needless weight, and then suspension, speed and quickness suffer.”
Paint doesn’t tip the scales very heavily, but you won’t find a drop of it on Achuma. It is a full-metal motorcycle. “Me and paint don’t mix,” Kraus states. “I never learned to paint; besides, it’s the first thing that goes. Paint never looks good once it gets hammered on, so I’ve developed a style that doesn’t have that issue.”
Shovelhead custom
Not even the frame is painted. Rather it’s been plasma-arc sprayed with a thin coat of real bronze, a nice complement to bike’s shinier componentry. “There’s just something to bronze,” says Kraus. “When you actually get close up, get your hands on it, touch it and feel the difference between paint and a real-metal finish, that’s what really gets you…when you see the perfect imperfection of it.”
The forks are Kraus’ take on a traditional springer, brought up to date with a cleaned-up design and a Foes Racing air shock. The latter was originally intended for downhill bicycle racing where heavy-duty mountain bikes plummet down trails at up to 60 mph, getting huge air in the process. Here, it’s more than up to the task and is set up to yield 3 inches of travel. The twin-shock swingarm, braced and running a pair of Foes dampers, gives about 5.8 inches.
Shovelhead custom
To power this machine, Satya went with an S&S Shovelhead 93-inch high-compression motor. At about 90 hp, he feels it provides plenty of power for the weight and also gives a nice look, especially after the three-man crew at Kraus Motor Co. takes it apart, shapes some of the fins, smoothes down casting lines, and polishes the cases and covers.
Safe to say the bike’s owner, a 30-something member of England’s banking community who prefers to remain anonymous, is happy with his purchase. Kraus reports there’s a touch of hooligan beneath the man’s tailored three-piece suits, an inner brat brought out when Achuma blasts along the proper avenues of London’s financial district. He’s even planning on taking it out to trackdays. Says Satya, “He’s using this bike the way it was intended and this to me is the best honor.”
Photography by Mike Chase. For more on Satya Kraus’ work, head over to the Kraus Motor Co. website.
Shovelhead custom

Friday, December 30, 2011

Beer Booters year in Review: Hell on Wheels

What can I say, I was going anyway so we imposed our ritual of idiocy on the Hell on Wheels gang. Wompy bought a booth, we brought Still Kickin and Booter Tshirts and sold them for $20.00. With that $20.00 you could drink all of our gorgeous Belgian IPA donated by the good guys over at Angel City Brewing. Shit yeh this was a good time. Everyone had their fill with good beer and we had a blast watching the moto races as well the beauty pageant and the infamous Chug-a-lug that had the most attendees as of yet. Next to us were the my very good friends Jesse and Scott from the Spokesmen grilling like champs and feeding the masses good home cooked polo asada. This was pretty much a drunk fest in which I was hung over for two days after. Thanks to my boy Matro for driving us home or I would have been sleeping in the bushes.


Beer of the Day

Karl Strauss Two Tortugas: Alt/Quadruple: 11% ABV: Limited Release: 22oz
Two Tortugas is the 2nd addition to our less than literal “Twelve Days” series of holiday ales. This Belgian-inspired Quadruple Ale has a delicate union of toffee, dark fruits, and warming spices that will continue to develop with age. Raise a glass to 2011 or save a bottle for 2021, this turtle’s got legs.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beer Booter Year in Review: The Bonanza

Shit, if there was ever a Beer Booter this was it.
Ryan from Classic Cycles stepped upped and decided to be the host with the most. After settling his lady about "Fuckin up" their house joke style, we were off to a running start.
Super fun, allot of people and the allot of bikes. C'mon, we were in the scene, the hip and ever ready Orange Empire of the sun, where $300 Red Wings are everyday shoes and a Vintage Pan is on every corner. Orangers do it right as long its in the now...
Ryan had a good buddy Matt stay up all night just to cook our delicious smoked brisket n pork, Ryans lady made all kinds of wonderful appetizers, side dishes and snacks. Another neighbor that called his brews "Bear brewing" offered to make all the beer so he drowned us in top notch Rye IPA, Raspberry Porter and Bacon Stout on Nitrous and to make all this possible we had a shit load of sponsors that were all appreciated beyond words can describe. The Beer Breed clan (RIP) showed up late but loud with full tanks of beer and everyone got to experience maybe the worst Chug-a-lug that will ever be in history.
It truly turned into a proper hip drunk fest for some and everyone and I do mean everyone left with something from the raffle.

Great Times, Great memories and above all Great Friends sharing a pint and the love for motorcycles - BACKYARD BULLSHIT!

Beer of the Day

Karl Strauss Off the Rails: American Strong Ale: 8% ABV: Limited Release: 22oz

Imagine if Red Trolley T-boned a semi full of hops. Brewed with an overload of hops and five types of caramel malt, this full-bodied strong ale has plum, raisin, and caramel flavors that are balanced by an aggressive hop bitterness and warming finish. ABV: 8% 30 SRM 70 IBU 22 Plato

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beer Booter Year in Review: Brew Down

Hell, surprisingly after the first Beer Booter people had fun - allot of fun so people kept asking when again? I had no answers but I had an Idea. Since we are the "non even", "non MC", anti establishment, motorcycle art show hatin fools I realized I didnt want anyone who was really in charge of this stupidity. Yeh, Ill head it off and do the ground work but I thought why not let everyone have a piece and if they wanted to throw a Beer Booter then why the fuck not.
Creepy Dylan and I were having one of our Friday night Beer nights when we started talking, he wanted to have a beer Booter and we thought how cool would it be to teach everyone to brew beer and get shit faced and eat great food at the same time. This time we did it without sponsors, flat fee of $20.00 got you all you can drink (Ballast Point IPA) and eat (Ribs n Tri Tip galore) plus learn to make an all grain beer from scratch that no one got to try thanks to Dylan...

We had a pretty good croud of roughly over 20 or so dudes n gals, there was a great fight between Scott and Joe which in turn got him the nickname Tai Chi Joe",  it was awesome but some of the women got upset understandably if you look at it from their standpoint.

This was huge fun! fights, bullshit taking, Cops showing up because some motorcycle gang was drag racing up and down the street? Bill rollin up with Mike in his sidecar, my debut on the BMW bob job, the first chug a lug which Tony killed - TWICE! but winning by default the second because ol'' Ellis couldnt keep the beer form pouring our of his nostrils, then drinking another boot just to boot to prove he can - greatness! - lol, great food, great beer and the most great people sharing my air.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in way way or another.

Beer of the Day

Karl Strauss Full Suit: Belgian Style Brown Ale: 6% ABV: Seasonal Release: 6pk
A Belgium-style ale brewed with the changing seasons in mind. Firm toasty and sweet coffee-like malt flavors are underpinned by a subtle vanilla oakiness. Peppery spice adds character to this beer’s slightly dry and warming finish. 35 SRM 24 IBU 15.5 Plato

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beer Booter Year in Review: The Extravaganza

The origin of the Beer Booters was all about a few dudes sitting around the garage and drinking beers, telling lies and working on bikes. Wompy, Dylan, Torres, Cop Todd, Mike Root and Rustrocket Tony were the originals, just bros really but we had allot in common; moto, good beer and above all friendship that many like to call the brotherhood.

The Beer Booters Extravaganza; being the very first Beer Booter really was just something I made up from my loins. I really didnt have a clue on what I was doing nor what it was, but after the first little party we realized we had something and that something was really awesome stupid shit.

Lots of different kinds of bikes

Oh - the diversity!

Cool Bikers

Why the Belgian flag? because Steen Bruuge rules!

The guys from Palm heard about this and wanted in. They sponsored it by donating 5gal of literally one of the best and rarest beers in the world - Steen Bruuge Dubbel of Belgium and literally the Patron Staint of Beer very own brewery.