Sunday, July 31, 2011


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Beer of the Day

Full Sail LTD 03: Pilsner: 5.6% ABV: Seasonal Release: 6pks

LTD 03 is a crisp, new pilsner-style lager that is pale golden in color, features a spicy floral hop aroma, a malty medium body, and a smooth thirst-quenching finish. LTD 03 registers "Pale" on the "Malt-O-Meter" that is featured on the six packs. Beer aficionados, or the aspiring ones, will enjoy the bottom of the six-pack that features an easy-to-read chart of "Today’s Recipe," including Sterling hops, 2 row pale malt, plato (14 degrees), I.B.U. (35), alcohol by volume (5.6) and any special ingredients.

Street Chopper Issue Release Party at Spitfire Motorcycles

I finally got a day off from the family and wanted to do something with friends. I was supposed to ride up with Bill to Spitfire but he had family stuff holding him up and I would guess he was a bit burned out as well with his last week 1000 or so mile ride through Nor Cal.
I left my house solo roughly around 1:30 and made it up to Corona by 2 to meet up with Lucky Tim and the Wompy to go up to the Street Chopper Spitfire gig. I will admit I'm not into most chopper parties/motorcycles parties at that, but man I am glad I went. I am now quite impressed with a company called SPITFIRE and glad I had the opportunity to meet and check their stuff out, which on a normal basis I would have not - SPITFIRE is putting out some very high quality Chopper guru stuff, if you have not had the time to check it out you must!
The Party was great and very well put together. They had a raffle (who one the bike) which seems the theme these days in which I find pretty cool, They had a some fun bands and had free beer, red bulls $1.20 tacos and plenty of water to go around. The weather was hot and humid, it almost made it unbearable but being around so many talented people and good friends made it worth while. On a bad note, Wompy had a hell of a time getting his bike to start so as I sat there waiting in my full face helmet, I got way overheated and by the time Wompy got his bike started I was so stoked just to get airflow by moving I forgot to kick up my kickstand and almost high sided out of the parking lot - lolz! I guess that's what I get for making fun of the Denver Chopper photo shoot! hahaha
After that we hauled ass down to orange county to go to the Salt Ghost premier. My bike started running like shit, I think I need to go through the carbs and clean them up, no big deal (I hope). We ended up seeing allot of good friends at the Cuban restaurant then headed on over to the bar for the premier. I was so stoked to see my friends making cool shit. The video was amazing, just so kick ass! The Salt flat racing is one avenue I have not yet explored and just seeing it in from the view point of an ol' vintage triumph being re-born and ruling all the while by people I consider friends was amazing to say the least.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beer of the Day

Firestone Walker’s Reserve: Porter: 5.8% ABV: Limited Release: 22oz and draft
Walker’s Reserve is an elegant dark ale featuring robust flavors of espresso, caramel and bittersweet chocolate. This wood-conditioned brew employs five specialty malts along with smooth silky oats for added complexity and flavor. Gentle English Goldings and spicy American Cascade hops together lend a perfect finish to this big, bittersweet ale. Somewhere between porter and stout, this unfiltered and bottle-conditioned beer is produced in small batches for the true connoisseur.

ZOMBIE PERFORMANCE: Zombie Performance Weld in Fuel Pump Plate

ZOMBIE PERFORMANCE: Zombie Performance Weld in Fuel Pump Plate: "This is another prototype I'm working on. This is for all of you that have the new fuel injected sportsters but wanna run the smaller 2 gal ..."


Friday, July 29, 2011

Beer of the Day

Firestone Solace: Wheat Fusion Beer: 6% ABV: Seasonal: 6pks and draft
An ode to warmer weather in the northern hemisphere. A hint of citrus fruit and clove aroma are followed by tangy dry malt flavor and a silky finish making it an approachable and refreshing session beer. We bring you this beer unfettered, a craftily unfiltered ale full of flavor and perfectly constructed to compliment those lazy warm days ahead. Ideal for washing down fish tacos or other south o’ the border-inspired dishes.

This is What Im doing Manana

See you there...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday beers at Ballast Point

Lets Cheers the weekend at San Diegos best Brewery. Ill be at Ballast Point from 1:00 - 2:00pm, meet me there and have a pint...

10051 Old Grove Rd
(between Businesspark Ave & Willow Creek Rd)
San Diego, CA 92131
Neighborhood: Scripps Ranch
(858) 695-2739

Beer of the Day

Deschutes Hop in the Dark: Black IPA: 6.5% ABV: Limited Release: Draft
Cascadian Dark Ale – this noir version of an IPA has subtle coffee undertones born of a blend of oats with dark, Munich and crystal malts. What emerges is something deeper, less orthodox, and all its own. After 22 trial runs in our Bend and Portland pubs, we got it right.

Ossa TR2801 Trials Bike

Cafe racers, custom motorcycles and classic motorcycles bike_exif_russian

Ossa TR 280i

Ossa motorcycle
One of the greatest names in competition motorcycles is back: after a 28-year absence, the Spanish company Ossa has restarted its production line. And this is its headline bike, the remarkable 67kg TR 280i. Yes, that’s just 67kg—or 148 lbs, for those of you with imperial leanings. Like most motorcyclists, my knowledge of trials is mostly limited to those eye-popping videos of Dougie Lampkin riding through English stately homes. But this new Ossa looks genuinely interesting. The motor is a 272 cc two-stroke, with its single cylinder tilted backwards and the injection system and filter box on top.

Ossa motorcycle
The radiator is behind the fuel tank and filter box, where it won’t get splattered with mud. This unusual but logical arrangement also lowers the center of gravity—obviously critical on a trials bike—and also results in a shorter exhaust system. The suspension is equally well thought out: Marzocchi provides the forks, and Öhlins has adapted its TTX system for the rear mono shock. An oversized 40mm upside-down fork configuration is in the works, which will keep unsprung weight even closer to the ground. And the chassis is a mix of aluminum and chrome molybdenum steel, designed to keep welding to a minimum. I bet you can throw this one around like a mountain bike … if it just had a seat, it’d be perfect.

Ossa motorcycle
Ossa motorcycle
Ossa motorcycle
Ossa motorcycle

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beer of the Day

Deschutes Twilight: Blonde Ale: 5% ABV: Seasonal Release: 6pk
A lighter, yet full-flavored, aromatic Ale for the long days of summer. Twilight’s solid malt foundation pairs with distinctive Amarillo hops for flavors every bit as intriguing as bigger, heavier ales. A back porch, lingering sunset wonder.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beer of the Day

Dogfish Head Festina Peche: Neo-Berliner Weisse: 4.5% ABV: Seasonal Release: Draft and 4pk
A tart and refreshing Neo-Berliner Weisse fermented with loads of peaches.

Sears Racers

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beer of the Day

Karl Strauss Boardwalk Black Rye
An American Black Ale with a robust West Coast hop profile. Black and caramelized rye malts provide a spicy and complex malt character, while zesty Ahtanum hops lend a vibrant floral aroma and clean citrus hop bitterness.
Specs: 8.0% ABV – 80 SRM – 80 IBU

Favorite Bike at Long Beach Swap

I dunno why I like this bike so much. Its pretty straight forward, small and low. Its just a clean and simple bike to ride and that always makes me smile.
Pics dont do it justice!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

BMW r60/5 parts for sale

These are the parts I have left from the build last year - come get'em

Battery Box frame:$10.00
Rear Foot Pegs: $30.00
Grab Rail: $15.00
Fork Boots $25.00
Airbox Manifolds: $20.00
Badges: $20.00
Airbox $20.00
Engine Vent Rubber: $20.00
Lowers: $40.00
Fork Tubes that were shortened 2" and re-threaded professionally $120.00

Take it all for $200

Long Beach Cycle Swap Meet Juy 2011

I haven't showed up to this for quite some time, amongst Raider bike and the typical HD bagger / whatever jobs there were a few diamonds in the dust of chrome...