Thursday, June 30, 2011

Custom Vintage Bates Pegs

Neat High Quality stuff my friend and comrade Wompy is putting out - get a pair before they are gone...


Monday, June 27, 2011

Beer Booter News


My friend Matro came up with a great idea, lets start a pod cast and forum. We have a few people wanting to get this pod cast jump started and Matro is heading it 100%, but for once it is me lagging, trying to get everything in order to get it straight.


The Beer Booter Forum will be an extension of the Podcast discussing Beer, Bikes, Babes, Horror Films and Music. Please click the link and sign up, add your ideas and comments to the beer reviews and add your pics of your favorite builds including the build your working on.


Happy Hour:
Every show will begin with a delicious beer review with guest appearances from some big name and no name brewers discussing their beers and their take on the new founded hip micro beer scene. Matt Dylan and I are all beer snobs with different backgrounds, ideas and takes on beer, it should be interesting...

The Garage:
The three of us all love bikes but we all have different versions of what kind of bike to Love. Although we can all agree on one thing, moto is rad and we all wear vans! we should have many guest appearances by some big name designers, marketing/Business owners and no name baddasses that just want to drink our beer but have much to offer in conversation because they " live the lifestyle".

Creepy Dylan of the Creepy Creeps and literally my #2 or is it #3 Beer Booter will be heading the Music, we should have some pretty good bands being interviewed as well and hour or so of different genre's of Punk Music, ol' skool ska and New Wave - should be cool.

Slaughter House:
Following the Punk Rock hour we will then have Horror hour, this will entail a review a of an agreed horror flick gassed by large quantities of beer.

Of course the discussion of Babes will be thrown about in all the conversations and since my friend Matro is a staunch Republican, Dylan being the Democratic savior and I, always saying fuck it what works the best for me Republican / Liberal - should have some pretty heated conversations after Happy Hour.

Please sign up for our forum and look out for our pod cast coming very soon!

Made a windshield

I wanted a small windshield but having a vintage style fairing nothing generic is available.
I went and bought a sheet of lexon and molded it by using my heat gun, mounted it up, figured out the shape, taped it up and cut the shape out with my dremel. The cuts came out very rough, So I had to sand it down with 200 grit, followed by 500 then 1000.

I couldnt figure out what shape or size I wanted the windshield so I had to make a bunch of templates.

All said and done I'm pretty stoked -

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost Done

My Triumph is almost done, just a few small items and she will be back on the road.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


WUSS 2011

Remember the 80's? Everything was day glow. The color white was still a fashion option. You were a strapping middle school playboy who believed everything you saw in the Decline of the Western Civilization. You snuck into the then abandoned Black Flag church, but everyone was already gone. The future had passed through Hermosa Beach fifteen minutes ago. Darby had long since already O.D.'d. And as you attended high school D. Boon died on a freeway somewhere in the desert on his way back from a vacation. True punk rock was being extinguished from the face of the planet. Corporate Punk Rock was forming in the vacuums created by butterflies flapping their wings in Japan. Explosive atomic radiation fueled butterflies with wings enough to hypnotize generations. The 80's are dead.
Somehow you didn't get caught up in the hype, the hair bands or speed metal. The availability of cheap drugs may have dried up, but then again, that was never your staple substance and the only score you were interested in came not in the form of a folded piece of paper. Man, you were a loner. A Rebel. You had a girlfriend who wore bondage pants, but she was so into Madonna you never got to listen to your own albums. She ended up leaving you for that Depeche Mode homo with a VW horse-plant Porsche anyway. You WUSS, you had a Kawasaki that barely ran... "When are you going to get a decent car?" (... "Never!" But, you'd only wisper it under your breath ...)
pic donated by Cindy/FSK
Flashback McFly style. The best time in your life was on your bike. You remember your bike right? You're bike remembers You. It was time again to mount your steed then, and it's time again now. Mental illness is my take-out menu, but true genius is served only seasonal. Get back on the horse. The horse of Destiny. Your Wuss Destiny. The Wuss Army wants YOU!
It ain't Hard, Being Easy!
TEAM WUSS will be handing out hot pink teasers on Saturday, you know where, you know when. If you're a Wuss Ride Veteran, a new Recruit, or just have a curious interest in embracing the Wuss. Fate should bring reward. Break open the Fortune Cookie and read it! Let go and let destiny. This is the only warning you shall receive.
Pic donated by OG/Lucifer
The change will/may/could forever alter your perception of what you should Be. If it's a beard that makes a biker, then a full body beard suit would make you a biker~infinity! If it's a set of leather chaps, a pair of sausage nipples on a perky hot foreign centerfold model, a patch from every rally, a tassel on every bar, a running light on every angle, a bolt for every part, a hot dog (yum), a coffin painted flaked out tank, a payment for every plan, hot sauce, Kate Moss, a squirt, a jolt, a fart, a flush, a gizz, a burp, a cough, a yawn, a giggle, a dime bag, Hunter S. Thompson, a match stick sulfur burn, a cold beer, a hot cup of joe, Tom Robbins, a Woodpecker, a Camel straight, panty stains, dirty sheets, cheap wine, cheaper tacos, a grain of rice with your biker moniker engraved on it by a underprivileged 9 year old forced by economic desperation into street peddling his craft, endless possibilities, endless fluctuations within the time space spectrum, then the word eternity stutters through has a profound definition in your life and the WUSS ride is for you. Join the Wuss Army


I heard through a secret source that there will be a Beer Booter on August 20th at Wompys house in Corona. For all you Chug-a-luggers get your drink ready so you can get it on!

Fashion Serial Killer hooked me up on this - lol

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of School

Do you remember yours? my son's first day was yesterday.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hell On Wheels Pics

The Last of them...

Thanks again for a great time penches...

Friday, June 17, 2011


Suckin down some Karl Strauss black Ball Belgian IPA and starting my weekend...
My good friend Whompy stopped by on the way to Craze's casa and dropped off some tank mounting spacers that he made for me and he also helped out with some wiring issues - thanks dude...

Happy Friday everyone, good luck on your projects, see you next week at the Born Free Internet Chopper Hero Show!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hell On Wheels Beer Booter Chug a Lug

As promised, pictures of the infamous Beer Booter Chug-a-lug.
We had seven 1ltr Beer Boots filled with glorious Pacifico lager that was graciously given to us by Bill from Biltwell (thanks bro), to fill seven un-holly misfits with raging beer booted suds to mak'em all feel like shit after 30 seconds of pure bliss.
To my surprise there were six out of seven people I didnt know and I thought they had no idea what a chug-a-lug was all about. These six brave future beer booters were rushing the stage to get their hands on a Beer Boot, willing they were to feel like shit the rest of the day - these seven brave participants did their best with sun warmed south of the border swill.
But things went awry, we had a tie, well a disagreement on who finished first between two, so we had to have another show down to see who the Beer Booter Champ of the day would be. Bill rushed back with three Pacificos to fill the boots for the remaining three, in which there were actually two but one just refused to leave - lol, we filled those boots for a Beer Booter Chug-a lug showdown, with RustRocket Tony to prevail as the Grand Champ. This was his third chug-a-lug and he walked away again undefeated.

The Sweetness of Victory....

The agony of defeat!!!!!!