Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brewing Beer

Dylan and I brewed up some IPA Saturday night, if its as good as that Belgian IPA I think I may be moving in...
Sorry for the bad pics, it was night time, took them with an i-phone and a few too many Beers...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day - Footprints of Soldiers Past

Its not a day for politics, but a day to remember and to memorialize the soldiers that fought and died for our freedoms and way of life...THANK YOU!

Friday, May 27, 2011

3 Day Weekend

Its a three day'er after a five days of fucking hell!

Ill be building my bike back up this weekend, hopefully Ill get my seat painted up by Monday so I can finish her off! Other than that Ill be drinkin some Beers, chasing the kid and getting yelled at by the Wife - 3 days, Yeeehhhhh!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cafe Fairing Done

Picking this up manana, hopefully the seat will be following shortly...Thanks Mike looks killer!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Belgian IPA

Creep Dylan invited me over yesterday to offer me up some home made Belgian IPA

Now, I haven't had every Belgian IPA - yet! So to say I am an expert would be quite incorrect but the ones I have tried, some fantastic, others ok and some sooo big that there was no doubt that it was exactly a Belgian super IPA, but this time I finally have tasted a Belgian IPA that ol' Creepy Dylan knocked this fucker out da park.

Like most home-brews, the best can lack a bit of body, most just suck and others are good but they never stand out more than just in the moment. Creepy Dylans beers have always been good but lacked like many home brews, like something is always missing, a little watery, lack of body etc,,, until recently I tried one of his Porters. Im not a big Porter fan but I do know the difference between what is good, not good and what I like. That porter that Dylan made sort of set the stage for this next beer, and there was just something Dylan did set that beer apart form all the other previous brews he has made. It seems that Creepy Dylan has figured out the difference of making home brew and micro brew and literally knocked this Belgian IPA beer out of the park.
Creepy Dylans Belgian IPA is a bit murky, home style filtering, it probably just needs time to settle, fruity undertones from the hops, wonderfully yeasty but not overpowering Belgian yeast notes, a lil' bit of sweetness on the back of the tongue from the rock candy and very refreshing with absolutely the perfect amount of carbonation.

This people as of May 22, 2011 is my favorite beer that I have ever had the privilege of tasting...

Good Job Friend - I want a growler please!


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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ive been shopping for a new bike and I think I want either the PK Ripper 29er or the BIG Ripper BMX 29er and that Linos is a close second after the two SE Pk Rippers. I also posted some of my other choices. Its a bitch pulling my son on my full suspension turner and I think a nice little single speed would be bitchen...

Friday, May 20, 2011


Thank God its Friday.
I started this week spent from last week, turned another year older on Tuesday, worked roughly 50 hrs and started everyday before 3:00am, my son told me he doesnt love me and he likes mama better -lol and found out they arnt going to pay as much for car allowance this year - I need a fucking beer please - two or eight maybe!


El Torro de caca por pendejos mericon cabrones...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For me its not about what kind of bike you ride or what creed you adhere to, its all about being stoked about Motorcycles and the attitude you have for the love of riding. Good job!
Find more videos like this on Spokesmen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Beers to Try

Anchor Summer Beer: American Wheat: Seasonal Release: 6pks and soon to come in draft
Light and refreshing, the first American Wheat beer, this is the ideal drink for beer lovers who appreciate tradition and character in their beer, but also seek a lighter, refreshing style, perfect for the summer months.

Anchor Brekles Brown: Brown Ale: 6% ABV: Limit:ed Release Draft only
Anchor Brewmaster Mark Carpenter’s fine- tuned highly malted profile, inspired by the all-malt brown ales in Anchor's brewing archives, gives Brekle's Brown its coppery brown color and its unusual depth of flavor—richness and complexity without heaviness. Brewed with a single aromatic American hop strain, called Citra. The subtly entrancing flavors and aromas of this distinctive hop perfectly complement the unique maltiness of Brekle's Brown.

Alaskan Barley Wine Ale: Barley Wine: 10.4% ABV: Seasonal Release: Draft only
Full-bodied ale , deep mahogany in color and brewed with any array of complementing malts to achieve its high original gravity. Multiple hop additions in the boil and dry hopping during fermentation provide contrast to the big malt character resulting in the smooth balance that distinguishes this specialty brew. Like many fine wines, Alaskan Barley Wine may be aged in the bottle and gains deeper malt complexity and smoothness over time.

Alaskan Imperial IPA: Imperial IPA: 8.5% ABV: Seasonal Release: 22oz
Rich in color and full in flavor, Alaskan Imperial IPA is packed with Pacific Northwest hops over a sturdy malt body. Designed with balance in mind, the aroma features hints of tangerine and other citrus with the toasted sweetness of crystal malt. The green and resinous aromas of Chinook and Amarillo hops waft over the robust bitterness of Centennial hops before finishing with the dry warmth of an imperial strength IPA.

Alaskan Summer Beer: Kolsch-style Ale: 5.3% ABV: Seasonal Release: 6pks and Draft
Alaskan Summer Ale balances a softly malted palate with the clean freshness of hops. In the tradition of the style, neither overpowers the other. Both hops and malt come together to refresh and renew the palate. The straw-gold color and easy drinkability are an enjoyable way to celebrate summer.

Ballast Point Bloody Mary Mix: available in 32oz bottles year-round
Not to be confused with any ordinary mix, Ballast Point Bloody Mary Mix embodies everything that the craft beer drinker looks for in that famous “morning after” beverage. Spicy and bold with everything you need in a mix…well everything but the alcohol that is. Made with their proprietary blend of spices and their award winning Calico Amber.

Blue Moon Summer Honey: Wheat Ale: Seasonal Release : 6pks
Wheat ale crafted with clover honey for a hint of sweetness and balanced out with a touch of orange peel for subtle citrus note. Multiple gold medal winner at WBC in Specialty Honey Lager or Ale category

BrewDog HardCore IPA: IPA: 9.2% ABV: Year-Round: 4pk & 22oz
This explicit ale has more hops and bitterness than anywhere in the UK. This is an extreme beer rollercoaster for freaks, geeks and international chess stars.

BrewDog Punk IPA: IPA: 6% ABV: Year-Round: 22oz
This 6% trans-atlantic fusion IPA is light golden in color with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with the New Zealand hops balanced by the biscuit malt. The finish is aggressive and dry with hops emerging over the warming alcohol.

BrewDog Dogma: Ale: 7.8% ABV: Year-Round: 22oz and 30L draft
An innovative, enigmatic ale brewed with guarana, poppy seeds and kola nut all blended together with Scottish heather honey. A conspiracy of transcontinental ingredients infused with some devastatingly BrewDog imaginative thinking.

BrewDog Paradox: Imperial Stout: 10% ABV: Year-Round: 30L draft
Aged in Scottish Whisky barrels infuses the flavors and emblazons the casks journey deep into our smooth robust stout, resulting in an unrivaled taste adventure for the lucky human who gets their paws on the finished masterpiece.

BrewDog Tokyo: Imperial Stout: 18.2% ABV: Limited release: 11.2oz
Brewed with copious amounts of specialty malts, jasmine and cranberries. After fermentation, we then dry-hop this killer stout with a bucket load of our favorite hops before carefully ageing the beer on French toasted oak chips.

BSA 441 tank

Picked this up yesterday for my SR500 thumperific project...

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Sunday, May 15, 2011


This was so fun last year that I would be a chud to miss it this year -
Beer Booters should be there in full gear, we will have a keg and chug a lug contests through out the day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Six'er Saturday

If you have nothin to do and want a destination to ride to, make it my house!

Bring your favorite sixer, have some IPA on tap and talk shit. leave your tough guy jacket at home...

email or text me for directions: beerbooters@gmail.com or 951-76four-one55two

50cc Racing Club Inspiration

Ive been talking about starting a 50-100cc race club in Temecula. I was first thinking about doing all 100cc motos but realizing that bikes with motors dont need licenses and such. So all we need to do is build a few bikes, commandeer a parking lot or two for the Sunday races>>>>>

Friday, May 6, 2011

EDR Pre Party

I didnt snap a whole Bunch of pics but the two that I did get from my phone captured almost all of the OG Beer Booters, so in my opinion I must say Good job on my part.
Good on the Biltwell gang to put this kind of stuff on, this in my opinion is what it is all about, thanks for the tacos and light beer guys - its appreciated!


Ive always have had a Love affair with these bikes. Mostly Bullet proof these old Gileras were a rare breed of Italian. If you ever get a chance to own one do it and if you want to get rid of one call me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Growing up with a Mexican heritage surrounded by a picket fence that was white washed beyond belief, Cinco de mayo didnt mean much more than a day off school for Mexican heritage day. Now, for those of you that don't know me, I look like I am the poster child for the Aryans, but yes I am part Mexican and actually pretty darned proud of my heritage of German and Mexican mixed.
Anyhow, Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays, literally celebrating a battle that defeated the French at Mi Puebla, but think about it. Other than that battle WTF have Mexicans won, out side of making kick ass food and booze WTF else have they really done outside of fucking up a perfect beautiful country.
Anyhow, to many Mexicans Cinco de mayo doesn't mean shit, literally propagated and whored out by American liquor and Beer companies over the years it is more of an American Holiday that celebrated the cartoon'ish and quite disrespectful version of Mexico.

Happy Cinco Mi Abuela, I know Cinco de Mayo it doesnt mean anything to you but I Love you and Im thinking about you anyhow.