Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JP Rider Designs

Whompy is another sponsor as well a Beer Booter himself. Over the last few years that I have gotten to know Whompy pretty darn well. But more importantly this guy can make some great stuff for motorcycles. Literally like a brother from another he loves all motorcycles and it shows. Making specialty parts for HD's all day but riding a Japper. He has sort of a formless / timeless style to his parts that he makes, all custom, all simple and most of all very functional and strong. On the same level he can wire and create wiring diagrams like they are fire exit maps of a whore house in the Philippines. He wired my BMW for me thank god, literally creating a wiring diagram and worked his way through it with zero knowledge of BMWs and a whole lot of knowledge of VW's and basic wiring.
Check his site out, buy something and dont be shy to give him a ring for a special part or two or hire him to re-wire your period correct chopper.


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