Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Karl Strauss Seasonals

Here are some great sounding and hopefully tasting seasonals.

(Holiday Release)
Parrot in a Palm Tree
A robust Baltic Porter brewed especially for the holidays. Aged two
months in San Pasqual Tawny Port barrels, the resulting brew boasts a
complex bouquet of dark fruits, espresso and chocolate, with hints of
oak in its warming finish.
Specs: 8.5% ABV - 50 SRM - 35 IBU

(Winter Seasonal)
Fullsuit Belgian Brown Ale
A Belgian-style brown ale brewed with a blend of caramel and brown malts
for toasted and sweet coffee-like flavors, underpinned by the peppery
spice of Belgian yeast. Aging on French oak adds vanilla notes to its
slightly dry and warming finish.
Specs: 6.3% ABV - 35 SRM - 24IBU

(Special Releases)
Dark Helmet Schwarz-Weizen
Inspired by the chocolate malt flavors of a Schwarzbier and the fruity
and spicy character of a Hefeweizen, this black wheat beer is a tasty
homage to both styles. Ample amounts of white and chocolate wheat
combine with the fruity and spicy character of Bavarian ale yeast for a
hearty ale, layered with banana, clove, and dark chocolate flavors.
Specs: 6.5% ABV - 75 SRM - 13 IBU

SDBW 2010 Stout
A complex and flavorful Dry Stout brewed especially for San Diego Beer
Week. Generous amounts of caramel and dark malts provide roasted and
coffee-like flavors, while the addition of Star Anise lends a subtle
licorice character that lingers through its dry finish.
Specs: 5.5% ABV - 80 SRM - 23 IBU

Flan-diddly-anders Red
Our version of a Flanders-style Red Ale is as tart as it is complex. A
special lactic fermentation in the brew kettle provides its distinct
sour fruit character that comes through in overtures of cherries,
pomegranate, and black currants.
Specs: 5.5% ABV - 20 SRM - 20 IBU

Old Columbia Barleywine
A full-bodied English-style Barleywine with rich toffee and caramel malt
flavors, undertones of dried fruit, with a sweet warming finish.
Specs: 9.5% ABV - 22 SRM - 55 IBU

Imperial Amber Lager - A massive amount of Centennial hops give this
more robust version of Karl's favorite beer an aggressive floral and
pine-like hop character over a backdrop of caramel and toasted malts.
Specs: 7.5% ABV - 22 SRM - 62 IBU

Padre Porter - An English-style Robust Porter brewed with caramel,
chocolate, and roasted malts for a rich malt character that lingers
through its smooth espresso-like finish.
Specs: 5.6% ABV - 56 SRM - 23 IBU

Monday, November 29, 2010

North Drinks with South Run

Good Dudes, Good Times and Drunk ass flyer's - Dont Drink and Type!

Biltwell Rulz

and Cycle Source readers proved it - Right on guys...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank





Mission Blonde

Kolsch-Style Ale

With the color of a pilsner and the character of an ale, our blonde settles into the realm of restorative. Endowed with an authentic Kolsch yeast strain for a peck of fruitiness that compliments the blend of noble hops. Lager-like with its delicate dryness, it really is redolent of ales from Koln, Germany.

5% ABV

Mission Hefeweizen

Bavarian Hefeweizen

Our award winning Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen is unlike the cloying lemon-laden beers that flood the market under the same name. Ours is a classic, a pious ode to the summer style, replete with hints of banana, clove and pear. It’s all in all refreshing, and no fruit was added-nor needed. Instead the complex character of the beer is produced through mastery, detail and authentic Bavarian yeasts.

5.3% ABV

Mission Amber

Dusseldorf-Style Altbier

A covenant of light and dark, of refreshing and full-flavored, making for one majestic session beer. With a crisp lager-like spirit and a toasty character, the bitterness is bolstered yet balanced. The lingering sweet caramel taste is buttressed by the generous use of Munich, Vienna and Pilsner malts.

5% ABV

Mission IPA

American-Style India Pale

Fraught with hops complex, vigorous and virile. Endowed with a subtle malt character for a sturdy and balanced ale. Our Award-Winning interpretation of the popular style reflects both the history of the IPA and the distinctive and relatively modern American variation. Cascade and Centennial hops are employed generously and the result is an earthy ale that is most drinkable.

6.8% ABV

Mission Shipwrecked Double I.P.A.

San Diego Style Double India Pale Ale

A amazingly balanced and hoppy beer, yet finishes as smooth as silk with no hint of high alcohol hotness usually associated with strong double IPA’s. Super citrus and grapefruit aromas and flavors from the generous use of Cascade, Magnum, Centennial and CTZ hops.

9.25% ABV

If you havnt had the chance to try Mission Brewery beer please do. They are all very well crafted beers that stand out from the rest.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I need a track bike and my friend Root has talked me into the 350 AHRMA sport class - so what I need is a donated CL350, in return you will get ever lasting friendship, free beer booters membership and all the beer you can drink for life - or you can just sell it to me - cheap please!

I am also looking for a crusted out Honda Goldwing - dont ask but I need one....

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I got myself a new camera - a Drift X170 for a super deal and a new/used Vanson perforated jacket last week so I couldnt wait to hit the road today.
I was going down the S2 to my favorite twisties up the back side of Julian (where Kyle from Lowbrow crashed) but the road was blocked off so I had to make a quick left down to Borego. I made it over the hill and started to ascend down to borego and just like that - SHIT! hotter than a dickens, 30 degrees hotter just like that - I was equipped and feelin good so I dropped down to the bottom and filmed my ride up - I was trying to keep the bike at a constant 70mph on the turns but a few times I had to slower down due to only riding this road for the third or fourth time in my life - I guess Im growing up and Im not as big of an idiot anymore...

Enjoy, it doesnt look like Im going that fast until I come up to a car, then you get the jest of it - Love me Trump!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This time of year always makes me think of those that cannot be with their loved ones - be thankful for what you have and kill a turkey, drink good beer and ride your moto like you stole it...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dylan and I hittin the high road

Dylan and I gettin the heck out of site before Bill lights the place on fire -


Groovie Cycle shop boyz are my hero's now. I have ten why not eleven - check!

Friday, November 19, 2010


German Pilsner (Pils)

Aroma: Typically features a light grainy malt character (sometimes Graham cracker-like) and distinctive flowery or spicy noble hops. Clean, no fruity esters, no diacetyl. May have an initial sulfury aroma (from water and/or yeast) and a low background note of DMS (from pils malt).

Appearance: Straw to light gold, brilliant to very clear, with a creamy, long-lasting white head.

Flavor: Crisp and bitter, with a dry to medium-dry finish. Moderate to moderately-low yet well attenuated maltiness, although some grainy flavors and slight malt sweetness are acceptable. Hop bitterness dominates taste and continues through the finish and lingers into the aftertaste. Hop flavor can range from low to high but should only be derived from German noble hops. Clean, no fruity esters, no diacetyl.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body, medium to high carbonation.

Overall Impression: Crisp, clean, refreshing beer that prominently features noble German hop bitterness accentuated by sulfates in the water.

History: A copy of Bohemian Pilsener adapted to brewing conditions in Germany.

Comments: Drier and crisper than a Bohemian Pilsener with a bitterness that tends to linger more in the aftertaste due to higher attenuation and higher-sulfate water. Lighter in body and color, and with higher carbonation than a Bohemian Pilsener. Modern examples of German pilsners tend to become paler in color, drier in finish, and more bitter as you move from South to North in Germany.

Ingredients: Pilsner malt, German hop varieties (especially noble varieties such as Hallertauer, Tettnanger and Spalt for taste and aroma), medium sulfate water, German lager yeast.

Commercial Examples: Bitburger, Warsteiner, Koenig Pilsener, Jever Pils, Holsten Pils, Spaten Pils, Victory Prima Pils, Brooklyn Pilsner

Bohemian Pilsener

Aroma: Rich with complex malt and a spicy, floral Saaz hop bouquet. Some diacetyl is acceptable, but need not be present. Otherwise clean, with no fruity esters.

Appearance: Very pale gold to deep burnished gold, brilliant to very clear, with a dense, long-lasting, creamy white head.

Flavor: Rich, complex maltiness combined with a pronounced yet soft and rounded bitterness and flavor from Saaz hops. Some diacetyl is acceptable, but need not be present. Bitterness is prominent but never harsh, and does not linger. The aftertaste is balanced between malt and hops. Clean, no fruity esters.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied (although diacetyl, if present, may make it seem medium-full), medium carbonation.

Overall Impression: Crisp, complex and well-rounded yet refreshing.

History: First brewed in 1842, this style was the original clear, light-colored beer.

Comments: Uses Moravian malted barley and a decoction mash for rich, malt character. Saaz hops and low sulfate, low carbonate water provide a distinctively soft, rounded hop profile. Traditional yeast sometimes can provide a background diacetyl note. Dextrins provide additional body, and diacetyl enhances the perception of a fuller palate.

Ingredients: Soft water with low mineral content, Saaz hops, Moravian malted barley, Czech lager yeast.

Commercial Examples: Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar (Czechvar in the US), Czech Rebel, Staropramen, Gambrinus Pilsner, Dock Street Bohemian Pilsner

Classic American Pilsner

Aroma: Low to medium grainy, corn-like or sweet maltiness may be evident (although rice-based beers are more neutral). Medium to moderately high hop aroma, often classic noble hops. Clean lager character, with no fruitiness or diacetyl. Some DMS is acceptable.

Appearance: Yellow to deep gold color. Substantial, long lasting white head. Bright clarity.

Flavor: Moderate to moderately high maltiness similar in character to the Continental Pilsners but somewhat lighter in intensity due to the use of up to 30% flaked maize (corn) or rice used as an adjunct. Slight grainy, corn-like sweetness from the use of maize with substantial offsetting hop bitterness. Rice-based versions are crisper, drier, and often lack corn-like flavors. Medium to high hop flavor from noble hops (either late addition or first-wort hopped). Medium to high hop bitterness, which should not be coarse nor have a harsh aftertaste. No fruitiness or diacetyl. Should be smooth and well-lagered.

Mouthfeel: Medium body and rich, creamy mouthfeel. Medium to high carbonation levels.

Overall Impression: A substantial Pilsner that can stand up to the classic European Pilsners, but exhibiting the native American grains and hops available to German brewers who initially brewed it in the USA. Refreshing, but with the underlying malt and hops that stand out when compared to other modern American light lagers. Maize lends a distinctive grainy sweetness. Rice contributes a crisper, more neutral character.

History: A version of Pilsner brewed in the USA by immigrant German brewers who brought the process and yeast with them when they settled in America. They worked with the ingredients that were native to America to create a unique version of the original Pilsner. This style died out after Prohibition but was resurrected as a home-brewed style by advocates of the hobby.

Comments: The classic American Pilsner was brewed both pre-Prohibition and post-Prohibition with some differences. OGs of 1.050-1.060 would have been appropriate for pre-Prohibition beers while gravities dropped to 1.044-1.048 after Prohibition. Corresponding IBUs dropped from a pre-Prohibition level of 30-40 to 25-30 after Prohibition.

Ingredients: Six-row barley with 20% to 30% flaked maize to dilute the excessive protein levels. Native American hops such as Clusters, traditional continental noble hops, or modern noble crosses (Ultra, Liberty,Crystal) are also appropriate. Modern American hops such as Cascade are inappropriate. Water with a high mineral content can lead to an inappropriate coarseness in flavor and harshness in aftertaste.

Commercial Examples: Occasional brewpub and microbrewery specials

Deus - The Siler Stinky

I Like this...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tibetan Lama Hop Gar

When I was a young boy I used to go to Chinese full contact boxing matches put on my the Priests and Monks of the "inner Golden Circle Society" and I used to see this style represented here and there. I used to get so frustrated with Tibetan kungfu, throwing there arms all about, it looked so different than the Taoist styles I practiced that I thought they looked like girls, literally calling it "Lama Girl Kungfu".
Fast forward five years and I found myself fighting one of these dudes in one of the "inner Golden Circle Society" matches. As much fun as I made of these fighters, once I got hit I changed my opinion and fast. These guys can hit and hit hard, later finding out that they train in iron skills all day and truly it shows. I won the fight but not without diggin deep to do so and walking away pretty bruised up to say the least. Good Stuff...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Riding up the 94 on Sunday

I wasnt sure to be dramatic on a turn that wasnt all that dramatic - lolThe best Kawi cafe eva...
Root, what up man, its all about having fun when going fast

On Sunday I was invited by a few friends to go on a little jaunt up the 94 and S1.
Thanks guys for the invite - I think your ready for the GP circuit Mike...HWY94Photo posts these up every few days to cash in on local SD riders, I cant wait to get the real pics from this guy - what a hobby, pretty cool man!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Custom Motorcycles

Xs 650 Chop

Hodaka Ace 106 Resto
BMW r60/5
If you like your bikes lean and clean like I do, I might be the guy to customize your bike...

Due to requests I am going to start building a few bikes a year for individuals that like my style. For right now BMW's are preferred but I have experience with most motors and chassis.

Custom Build: BMW r60, r80 & r90 /5/6 series $5,000 - $6,000 with a donor bike.
Custom Build Honda CB, Yamaha XS or SR: $5,000

These prices reflect that motorcycle donated is in decent mechanical working order and that all parts are usable but just need some lovin. The build will include custom one off parts to make your bike special, paint, powder coating, polishing, if necessary rewiring and basic engine tuning.

Cafe Racers (my specialty), Bobbers, Choppers and Brat - Lemme know.

Yes, The BMR is for sale

Yes the rumor is true....
I didnt plan this, I actually dont want to sell it, so I wont be disappointed when I see this thing in roughly three days still in my garage lookin for love. BUT, and yes a big B U T, these times are hard, I can always build another and with this sale it surely will make life much easier on my family. This is a one of a kind, heres your chance to have a bike like no one else's and a very good chance to see me cry when you drive it off...You can bid on it here: EBAY

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beers to Try

Coronado Red Devil:
The Red Devil is a full bodied Imperial Red Ale with deep roasted caramel flavors, subtle hints of chocolate, a soft hop presence and a lasting finish. A few sips of this empting brew will be sure to bring out the Red Devil in you! 10.7%ABV

Deschutes Dissident: After much anticipation, we are proud to introduce our wildest brew yet – The Dissident. Arguing for more time in the cellar, this Reserve Series beer is anything but conventional. Fermented for more than 18 months in isolation from the rest of the beers, The Dissident is a distinctive Oud Bruin, Flanders-style sour brown ale, with a fruity aroma and flavor.

The Dissident pairs well with a wide variety of dishes - the high acidity is perfect for cutting creamy dishes or cooling spicy ones. Because of the fruity characteristics derived from the cherries, the beer also pairs well with chocolate.

Sam Adams Infinium : A Two Year Collaboration, A Thousand Years in the Making
The Challenge: create a completely new beer style with only the four traditional beer ingredients. That mission brought together European heritage and American ingenuity with a collaboration between the brewers of Weihenstephan and Samuel Adams. The innovation and new approach to brewing traditions resulted in the creation of this new and unique beer. Arriving in San Diego in November!

Sierra Nevada 30 Series “Jack & Ken’s Ale”
Jack McAuliffe is the original microbrewer. McAuliffe’s tiny New Albion Brewery in Sonoma, California inspired countless brewers to start small-scale breweries of their own. Jack agreed to guest brew this very special ale with us in honor of our 30th Anniversary. This American barleywine is a nod to the big ales New Albion served at their legendary summer solstice parties is robust and complex – brewed with 100% American Cascade hops.

The Line Up

Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Flash Brewery 8th Anniversay Festival

If you cant make it to Julian, or if you just dont like cider you might have the time to skip on over to Green Flash and taste some of their specialty beers - This Should be fun...

1st Annual Julian Hard Cider Hoodang

If you dont have anything goin on this weekend this may be the thing to do.
Make your own Cider, Have a BBQ and Drink the best cider available on the market all day.

hoo-dang | noun
1: informal back country get-together
2: festive hillbilly shindig

Roll up your sleeves and kick-start the holidays by making your OWN traditional hard cider!

The "1st Annual Julian Hard Cider Hoodang" takes place Saturday, November 13th, at the famous Apple Lane Orchard.

Everyone, (with a cold Julian Hard Cider in hand), will take a brief tour of the historic Julian orchard with a short introduction to apple farming and harvesting.

Next, we quickly demonstrate the processes of apple sorting, "scratting" and pressing. You will then take the freshly pressed raw apple cider, blend the ingredients and take your 1 gallon jug home to ferment.

In a few weeks you'll proudly enjoy your finished masterpiece with friends and family for the holidays!

Oh yeah... did we mention there'll also be a live Bluegrass band, mesquite pit barbeque and PLENTY of Julian Hard Cider!

All this for 40 bucks! You don't need to bring anything other than the desire to make great hard cider on an amazing Fall day.

RSVP and pay now as space is limited to this special event. Any questions contact me directly at pthomas@julianhardcider.biz.

See ya, soon! -Paul

Wednesday, November 10, 2010





This is Whompy and Lucifer winner new sticks from the WUSS ride dudes for crashin their bikes.
I can see the pain in Whompys face and the hurt that is in his brain wishing them dead for even recognizing the fact that he crashed his fucking bike - lol
Im just glad they are OK, scary stuff when you see friends get hurt.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I had a pair of forks cut down but didnt end up using them. They are two inches shorter than stock, one tube has the internals out and I am not putting them back in even if my life depends on it and they have been re-threaded better than stock. I do not have the caps but they can be bought either on ebay or from a local BMW dealer for pretty cheap. No rust a few unnoticeable small pits. If you want them polished or powder coated add $100 and Ill get it done for you. They also come with a tall pair of fork boots dust covers, literally double the size you see on my bike that is pictured.
In other words you get free forks if you pay for them to be cut down - lol


Rogue Captain Sigs Northwestern Ale: India Red, Deep red in color, this ale starts off with a floral, slightly citrus hop nose, hop flavor soon fades into the malty backbone of this red ale.

Rogue XS Scotch Ale: Scotch Ale. Deep copper in color, caramel aroma, rich malty flavor
with a roasted malt background.

Rogue Dead Guy: German Maibock. In the style of a German Maibock, using our proprietary Pacman ale yeast. Deep honey in color with a malty aroma and a rich hearty flavor.

Rogue Juniper Ale: A pale ale, saffron in color with a smooth malt balance, floral aroma with a dry spicy finish from whole juniper berries.

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA: Pale golden in color with a hoppy fruity aroma. Big hop flavor up front complemented by medium body and hoppyness mid-pallet. Finishes with a characteristic lingering bitterness. 70 IBUs.

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve: A double-hopped Red, reddish in color, with a roasty, malty flavor and a hoppy spruce finish. 65 IBUs.

Sam Adams Octoberfest: Samuel Adams® Octoberfest has a rich, deep reddish amber hue which itself is reflective of the season. Samuel Adams Octoberfest masterfully blends together five roasts of malt to create a delicious harmony of sweet flavors including caramel and toffee. The malt is complimented by the elegant bitterness imparted by the Bavarian Noble hops. Samuel Adams Octoberfest provides a wonderful transition from the lighter beers of summer to the heartier brews of winter.

Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA: Samuel Adams® Latitude 48 IPA is a unique IPA brewed with a select blend of hops from top German, English, and American growing regions all located close to the 48th latitude within the “hop belt” of the Northern Hemisphere. The combination of hops in this beer creates a distinctive but not overpowering hop character. The beer is dry hopped with Ahtanum, Simcoe®*, and East Kent Goldings hops for a powerful citrus and earthy aroma. The hop character is balanced by a slight sweetness and full body from the malt blend.

Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown Ale:
Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown Ale features fresh roasted malts straight from the kiln to give is a gracefully smooth malt character perfect for an autumn afternoon. Combines two-row Pale, Crystal, Chocolate and Smoked malts with Challenger and Yakima Goldings hops for a deliciously tawny color. 5.5% abv.

Sierra Nevada 30 Series: Charlie, Fred & Ken’s Imperial Helles Bock:
Charlie Papazian and Fred Eckhart are two of the country’s most esteemed beer writers and homebrewers. Their writing on the art of homebrewing and steadfast promotion of beer culture helped propel the craft brewing movement. Charlie and Fred agreed to work with Sierra Nevada on this special beer in honor of our 30th anniversary. This Imperial Helles Bock is a testament to the ever-evolving brewer’s art. This pale strong lager is bold yet balanced with distinct toasted malt character, moderate sweetness and clean and floral hops. 8.5% abv

Sierra Nevada Estate Harvest: From our fields comes a remarkable homegrown ale, made with organic wet hops and barley grown at our brewery here in Chico and one of the few estate-made ales produced anywhere in the world! This Estate Ale is rich with the flavors of the valley—featuring hops with earthy, grapefruit-like flavors and layered spicy aromas and barley with mild sweetness and smooth, toasted flavors. Together, the crops grow alongside the brewery to make a truly unique brew.