Tuesday, September 28, 2010

San Diego Craft BEER Events

Theres always something goin on in San Diego - This is whats happening this week - have fun...

1. A 5 course Deschutes Beer Pairing Dinner this Wednesday at 7pm at Churchills in San Marcos.
887 W San Marcos Blvd
San Marcos, CA 92069-1107
(760) 471-8773
I Will be at this one -

2. Ballast Point Pint night at The High Dive Bar and Grill this Thursday starting around 5:30pm: Lots of tasty Ballast beers on draft including Oktoberfest and Sculpin!
1801 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA
619 275 0460

3. New Belgium Tour de Fat, Balboa Park. Check it out at: http://www.newbelgium.com/content/san-diego-balboa-park
Super Fun - really cool event promoting bicycles and beer culture...

4. La Mesa Octoberfest featuring Sam Adams and more! October 1, 2 and 3 - HOURS: Friday and Saturday 11am - 11:30pm; Sunday 12 noon - 6pm. Spring Street and La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA
If you can make it this is another good time...

5. September 2nd –Dry-Hopped Padre Porter
Stats: 5.6% ABV - 56 SRM - 30 IBU
The addition of whole cone Cascade hop flowers adds a West Coast hop character to this English-style Robust Porter.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last week I took my Luftmeister 2 into 1 to Precision Powdercoating to get the pcs ceramic Coated. They not only did a great job by breathing new life into this 30 year old exhaust system they gave me a GREAT deal as well...


Its the little things that count....My boy over at still Kickin JP Rider Designs hooked this biznas up for me - I LOVE IT!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Need a Bitchin Point Cover for your old Triumph - Chk Lowbrow Customs. Not only are you supporting a couple of great guys they also will have what you need and get it out to ya as fast as you need it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

OCTOBERFEST 200th Anniversary

October is coming and lets all celebrate by having some Octoberfest brews that are available in out beloved and insane country


Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, who was later crowned King Ludwig I, wanted his people to share in the celebration of his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810.

Ludwig organized a horse race and invited all the people of Munich. The royal party drew about 40,000 guests—a major rager, by ordinary standards, but only a small fraction of the 6.4 million people at Oktoberfest in 1997. A good time, and copious amounts of beer were apparently had by all that first year. It was decided that the horse race would be held again in 1811, this time in conjunction with the state agricultural show.

Modern Munich celebration

Although the horse race was eventually abandoned, many characteristics of the early Oktoberfest celebrations have been retained, if not expanded upon. Munich's annual celebration is still held on the original site, dubbed Theresienwiese ("Theresa's fields"), in front of the city gates.

The agricultural show continues to be a feature, though it is only held every third year now. The tradition of beer and food stands, begun in 1818, continues today and is perhaps the most significantly developed aspect of Oktoberfest.

BEERS OF OCTOBER (Not in particular order)

1. Ayinger Oktoberfest, 5.8%, Germany. Superb flavored malts, hints of coffee, well balanced, and excellent Oktoberfest.

2. Beck’s Oktoberfest, 5.0%, Germany. Great orange color, caramel, toffee, and coffee notes, very complex flavors yet smooth. (Dont like!)

3. Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest, 5.8%, Germany. Smoothly carbonated, great flavor. (Good Try, not for everyone)

4. Flying Fish Oktoberfish, 5.5%, Cherry Hill, NJ. Balances the hops with autumn malts and caramel of the Oktoberfest style.

5. HofBrau Oktoberfestbier, 6.3%, Germany. Interesting pumpkin and spice notes.

6. Stoudt’s Oktoberfest, 5.0%, Adamstown, PA. Very good balance of bitters, hops and malts.

7. Lefthand Marzen Oktoberfest, 6.0%, Logmont, Colorado. Great flavors of coffee and caramel.

8. Magic Hat Hex Ourtoberfest, 5.4%, South Burlington, VT. Pine and cherry notes, good, interesting.

9. Spaten Oktoberfestbier, 5.9%, Germany. (Got to try it - GREAT!)

10. Weyerbacher Autumn Fest, 5.4%, Easton, PA

11. Dundee Oktoberfest, 5.5%, Rochester, NY. (cant be that great, let me know?)

12. Lakefront Oktoberfest Lager Beer, 5.7%, Milwaukee, WI.

13. Sam Adams Oktoberfest, 5.3%, Boston, MA. (One of their best but just ok)

14. Heavy Seas Marzen, 5.4%, Baltimore, MD.

15. Saranac Oktoberfest, 5.4%, Utica, NY.

16. Victory Fest Bier, 5.6%, Downingtown, NY.

17. Leinenkugels Oktoberfest, 5.1%, Chippewa Falls, WI. (Never had it, lemme know)

18. Paulaner Oktoberfest, 5.8%, Germany. (One of the Best - got to try I LOVE this!)

19. Sierra Nevada Tumbler, 5.5%, Chico, CA. ( A Brown not an October Actually)

20. Southern Tier Harvest Ale, 6.4%, Lakewood, NY.

21. Karl Strauss Octoberfest, 5.0%, San Diego, CA (deep golden color, nutty undertones, and toasted malt flavors, very easy nice drinking beer)

22. Dog Fish Brewery Pumpkin Ale, 7.0%, Delaware (A full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar) I LOVE!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Computer is on Bad Shape

My computer crashed last week and I had to start it back fresh, the problem is that now I am running OSX 10.3 and it runs like shit.
Im in need of a few things and I am too broke and cheap to go get'em at full retail...

OSX 10.4 or 10.5
Microsoft word for mac
Adobe Photoshop

If any of you have any of this software for a mac power G5 it would be greatly appreciated


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


1940 BMW R12

1942 BMW R75

THE XA-750

The BMW Military Motorcycle R75
From 1920-1990 BMW was known for their odd but truly remarkable engineering, from the shaft driven air cooled motor and ease of maintenance the bike was truly known for is bullet proof reliability and performance. Although ignored by the Europeans and Americans, the twin and single cylinder motorcycles ruled the American motorcycle scene until the early stages of WWII.
The American Military, seeing the bullet proof reliability, ease of maintenance, engineering excellence and good performance in all terrain from the deserts of Africa to the Frozen Tundra the Americans knew that Germany has something we did not - A good reliable robust motorcycle....

In the early 1940's Harley Davidson motorcycles was called upon by the military to make a more robust and and reliable motorcycle than their Harley Davidson and Indian Twins by making an opposed air cooled twin BMW clone to contend with the BMW's superior military machine, not only to see if this could improve the reliability of the military HD, but maybe discover a whole new outlook on motorcycle engineering, thus the 1947 XA-750 was born by cloning decent copy of an 1938 R13. Although a failure in more ways than one, it does show the open minds that HD once solicited and when you look back it reminds me of why I have always been a fan of Vintage / pre 90's Harley Davidson's outlook on American Motorcycling.

Excerpt from HD:
1942Among other motorcycles made for the Army, H-D produces the unique XA 750, a motorcycle with horizontally opposed cylinders and shaft drive, designed for desert use. The contract is cancelled early due to war combat moving out of North Africa. Only 1,011 XA's are built.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Go chk them here: SHOP

Click on the image of shirt to see the front and back once you are in the shop. Remember, you can change the shirt color as well.


Yeh, you may loose a friend or get beat up but its still funny and worth it. Send me a pic, once I get enough I will start a poll and let everyone vote. The Winner (not the dude or chick with the tat, we already know he or she is a winner) will get a free Beer Booters T shirt.
To make this fair and square please send me the name of the person with your entry...

Friday, September 17, 2010


Recently a friend asked what New Wave bands that I like in the 80's while growing up. I remember one thing is that I was heavy into hardcore Punk, skating, surfing kungfu and art, for those of you that were in my world you know then this was not cool, back then you had to fight just to get to your next class when you didnt mix into the norm. Anyhow, sometime around 84'/85' before my Punk Rock days I did grow my bangs once to reach my chin then shaved my whole head except my bangs which in turn turned into a rad Fin mohawk for a bit. This haircut got me labeled as a homo faggot on a skateboard, which got me in at least 15 or so fights. Although all I wanted to do was art, skate and practice Kungfu I got sort of a rep for being a fighter as well a loner. I guess it worked; girlies started flocking, I got asked to be in a band and a few years later I was defined as myself instead of what others wanted me to be. As time went by life got easier, people became more open minded and the world got smaller, by 88' I was on top of my game and all those bastards that tormented and fought with me now had to ask to come to our parties. It was rough and a hell of way to view the world but I wouldnt take anything back for a minute - Those were the good ol' days I guess.
Here is my top ten most influential New Wave bands from 1980 - 88. I loved those days, not saying I dont love these days but back then it seemed just so much more innocent and pure...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

San Diego Micro Beers

I went over to Ballast Point today after work to throw back ONE BEER a-n-d lo and behold not only did they have Sculpin IPA on tap they also had the rare treat of the Dorado Double IPA...So needless to say that one beer idea went out the door and my arm was twisted to have a few.

Support your local Brewers....Cheers!

Ballast Point

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you have nothing to do tomorrow in San Diego you should do this - SUSHI and BEER - Fuck

Ebisu Sushi & Bar 3765 6th Ave 6-10 ....It has been a long standing tradition for the members of Spokesmen to get together on the Third Thursday of each month to socialize and check out each other's motorcycles, meet new "members" ect...This month Jay has kindly offered his sushi bar Ebisu to us. 20%off ALL SUSHI and 25% off ALL DRINKS. In addition to the front of the house sushi bar we will have access to the the back lounge. This is the place to dump your gear and get a beverage of your choice from our own private bar. Show up, represent, Ride Your Bike!

Coronado Idiot IPA

Well this isnt a review, but I had a Coronado Idiot Double IPA the other night and I must say, hoppy goodness gracious! go get one, literally one of my favorite beers right now...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have been In love with these bikes for a long time. It just looks right to me. I think I need one in a bad way....

Despite the rebel image that’s often associated with Harley-Davidson, the company has always been fairly conservative when it comes to introducing new models.

Click to enlarge

Case in point: the 1956 KHK—an intermediate step that ultimately led to one of the company’s most enduring models.

The bike grew out of the post-war era, when even in America, British bikes became the rage, thanks to their light weight, agile handling and modern hand and foot controls. Companies like Royal Enfield, BSA, Triumph and Norton were all making a mark, and Harley dealers clamored for a Milwaukee-made machine to counter the threat.

Harley wanted to offer plenty of modern touches in this new machine—a hand clutch, foot shift and a swingarm with shock absorbers. But when it came to the powerplant, the company faced a choice. It could rush development on a new engine with overhead valves, or wring more power out of its old side-valve motor.

Moving cautiously, Harley debuted the Model K in 1952—a sporting motorcycle using a 45-cubic-inch (750cc) side-valve V-twin that had more in common with the pre-war era than the 1950s. A race version of the bike won Daytona in 1953, but the streetbike was down on power compared to the 500cc OHV Britbikes of the day.

Only two years after its introduction, lackluster sales of the K forced Harley to upgrade the engine. Still choosing not to launch their OHV motor, engineers bumped the size of the K’s motor to 54 cubic inches, and the KH was born. That displacement, equal to 883cc, would become legendary for Harley.

For those who wanted an even sportier bike, the company added the KHK in 1955. This was a KH with a speed kit that included a roller-bearing bottom end, hot cams and polished ports.

Still, the K bikes, like this ’56 KHK owned by Alice Gerhart that is now on display in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum at AMA headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio, only met with moderate success, and 1956 proved to be the end of the line.

But that’s not the end of the story. The next year, 1957, Harley finally was ready to release its OHV. It had the same 883cc displacement of the KH motors, but it marked the start of a new product line—the Sportster.

Born at a time when Americans were passionate about hot rodding their cars, the Sportster looked the part of a high-performance machine and has become one of the Milwaukee company’s most enduring models.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Side Car Racin'

Watching the side car 600cc races the other night just got me motivated...

This stuff is just crazy, if you have never seen it you need to...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


New Belgium
Ranger IPA

The Brewery:
New Belgium’s foray into the true American India Pale Ales. Bring out the hops! This clear amber beauty bursts at the starting gate with an abundance of hops: Cascade (citrus), Chinook (floral/citrus), and Simcoe (fruity) lead off the beer, with Cascade added again for an intense dry hop flavor. Brewed with pale and dark caramel malts that harmonize the hop flavor from start to finish, Ranger is a sessionable splendor for all you hopinistas. Thank your Beer Ranger!
70 IBUs
6.5% ABV

Professional Opinion:
New Belgium Ranger IPA pours a light copper color with a decent and sturdy white head that dissipates in a regular pace if compared to all its peers leaving a small white film on top that will last throughout the entire glass, followed by a light but lingering lacing and medium high carbonation.
The nose is a confusing for an IPA but it is made up of a mild aroma of citrus, apple, pine and very small bit of malt to finish.
The flavor has a light citrus floral and pine hops polishing the bitter bite by a light bready maltiness followed by a punch of Piney dry hops on the tongue.
This is a very easy drinking IPA; the lack of body and malt (hand in hand) makes the carbonation prick your tongue, which takes away so many flavors that leaves you wondering what was what you just had finished. The Finish is dry, semi smokey and sweet that lingers.

Personal Opinion:
New Belgium never intended making a West Coast style IPA, matter of fact they told me that they never would – lol
Well, here is there first attempt and I cannot say it was bad, matter of fact it’s a pretty decent session IPA that should not be recognized for its intricacies but more for its sessionability, much like all their beers, never over the top and good for session or rookie micro drinkers.
I’m not impressed at all but I cannot say I dislike it, not bad for a company that does not specialize and up to two years ago had zero inclinations to ever make West Coast IPA’s – this beer gets 2.5 stars due to its drinkability.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The Beer Booter Brew Down will be a great opportunity for those of you that want to learn or experience brewing beer. We will be making a Snortin' Norton Belgian IPA over at Creepy Dylans starting at High noon. This is a six hour ordeal, so dont feel bad if you cannot stay the whole time, but you will miss out on the entire process...
There will also be a BBQ of Tri Tip sandwiches and were washin that grub down with some of San Diegos finest micro beers (what kind is pending).

We regret but it is necessary to keep the count down to 20 people, first come first serve. Please make your reservations by emailing beerbooters@gmail.com - provide a paypal addy to send an invoice to hold yer spot.

$15.00 a head
This will cover the BBQ and Beer ingredient costs and some flowers for Creepy Dylans wifey for letting us use their home.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dos Slab City Riot

Im not really into events and such but the Biltwell guys always put good stuff on due to the love of the motorcycle and culture that surrounds that love. This was a fun time last year. I got Ballast Point to donate four Yellow Tail Pale Ale and Two Big Eye IPA kegs - Thanks guys! Slept very little due to a wind storm and a rock in my back, drank too much so I felt like dying all the way home, saw a friend get arrested and witnessed very strange disturbing things from the locals. Well, this year I hope is no different except seeing my friend get busted of course - I set the Biltwell gang up with Pabst this year and washed my hands of doin the beer thing, I would rather drink good beer when having a good time but Pabst will do since its me favorite domestic swill, now everyday I wake up I can wish that my life was more ironic so I could be a hipster...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Workin on the BMW

A few friends (Whompy, Tecate Scott, BMW Shad, Spokesmen Jesse and last but not least Mike Mellow) came up a few weeks ago to share my Saturday with me. They not only lent me their hands and knowledge of BMW's. We shared good beer from Green Flash West Coast IPA on tap, ordered pizza and got to see Shads better side - got the BMW timed, semi tuned and actually rode it. To top it off Whompy brought a really cool Breather tube filter that fits the bike perfectly and a bitchen Headlight off an old Mercedes Benz- super cool day and thank you for all of your help guys.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thursday Happenings

September 2nd –Dry-Hopped Padre Porter
Stats: 5.6% ABV - 56 SRM - 30 IBU
The addition of whole cone Cascade hop flowers adds a West Coast hop character to this English-style Robust Porter.

Do you want to get added to the list - please let me know and I would be glad to do so: beerbooters@gmail.com