Monday, May 31, 2010

The Brewery:
Mission Brewery San Diego

Our India Pale Ale exhibits a complex hop aroma, largely due to the generous usage of Cascade and Centennial hops, as well as a subtle malt character from the various malts used to achieve the wonderful balance exhibited in a world-class IPA. San Diego has become world renown for the wonderful and flavorful beers produced here – and India Pale Ales are no exception. Our national award winning interpretation of the style reflects both the history of IPA and the American variation of this distinct beverage. We hope you enjoy it! 66 IBU

Professional Opinion:
Mission Brewery IPA pours a nice copper color with a very nice white foamy head that lasts throughout the glass followed by an outstanding lacing that is very complimentary to this style of beer and has a medium level of carbonation to back everything up – a well balanced beginning.

The nose has a malty hoppy pine, somewhat close to an older style of IPA that is followed by a little citrus and a sugary malt.

The Beer; A very easy drinker, this I would consider an old style of IPA that originated from our brothers across the sea; very piny, smoky, sugary malty beer with hardly any floral and just a hint of citrus that is actually quite hard to find but non the less there somewhere in the middle pallet, from the beginning to the end the smoky hops being the prevailing winner throughout never letting you forget that it is an old world IPA.
A truly fantastic IPA considering there are so many that are or trying to be the same. I’m not sure if this was what Mission Brewery had in mind of their IPA but non the less it tastes so much like an English IPA it stands out alone among its California brethren.

Personal Opinion:

To be upfront, my good friend Mike Mellow is the VP of this company, but what he has going against himself is that I am as honest as honest can be, if I don’t like something or you, you will know it by the end of a conversation. With that in mind I do like ol’ Mikey allot and I did take the extra time to think about this rating open minded as well with friendship lurking in the deep.
My first tasting of this beer was from a warm keg after riding over an hour to Julian in 80-degree weather, at that moment anything would taste good and it went down as if it was swill or Gods nectar. After a few, I did take notice of how it was very smoky, sugary, very hoppy and very easy to drink, I was not sure about the beer itself, but it was wetting my whistle and that was the object at the moment.
Second try was on draft, again, same experience, it was me B-day, I was very thirsty and I was in a great mood, everything is better on your b-day…but the good thing is that I have an entire keg that Mike generously donated to get this beer down pat. After many pints I came to thinking I was not so sure about this beer until it clicked, “fuck I haven’t had this kind of IPA in a looong time, I’ve been so jaded by all this floral new California shit” (which I like so much by the way) that my taste buds have began to look for what they think an IPA should be not for what it really is.
Anyhow, I came to the realization it tasted like some of the first IPA’s I ever tried – The real “English IPA’s”, this opened a whole new outlook on this beer and made me realize I haven’t seen this style of IPA in a long time. I came to the conclusion today that this is a very good beer, not a decent beer! but a very good beer that is easy to drink, good on hot days, a little sugary for my liking but the sugar balances all that piny, smoky hops and to boot, its like nothing else on the market - as far as I know of anyhow.
This beer would of got three stars but after my realization today of it being like an old world IPA I changed my mind and it deserves the four it so strongly commands – four solid stars ****

Memorial Day

Believe in what you want to believe in when it come to politics and war - but today is a day to remember the fallen and those whom gave up so much for belief and righteousness - on all sides! If we the people would just learn...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lifted this from Radical Ducati

I love Ducati's, I really do, allot! But what the hell man, too much engineering for the likes of me, two into one or two into two to one side would of changed the whole bike and what the fuck are they talkin about Cafe Racer, anyhow; I really wanna ride it really bad, so does that mean I like it - probably!

Thanks for the heads up Jesse -

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

If you missed this you just plain suck! Super fun, great people, great beer and wine - It was great.....

Ive always wanted a K bike, something about them makes me smile -

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Lane just learned to ride his trike a few months ago, right after his 2nd b-day. He makes me tie stuff on the back and loves it when I make car noises - I love this stuff...

Friday, May 14, 2010


Last chance, buy your tickets to drink and show up with a smile.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery
Bohemia Cervesa

The Brewery:
Bohemia takes its name from the Czech region that is one of the most recognized brewing areas in the World. It was launched at the turn of the 20th century as Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma's finest beer. Over the years, it has become the most awarded of Mexican beers. It's a pale pilsner although recently a new dark Vienna beer has been launched as "Bohemia Obscura"
Bohemia is made especially for beer connoisseurs who appreciate its distinctive and impeccable taste. Its label design and its golden neck and cap, accentuate its aspect of exclusivity, sobriety and elegance. Bohemia has attained the distinction of being considered one of the finest beers in the world and the recognition by the Mexican consumer as the highest quality Mexican beer.

Professional Opinion:
Bohemia pours a golden color with a soft airy white head that dissipates very quickly but is followed by a very light lacing that clings to the glass. The beer itself has a nice level of carbonation, which is a must for this style of beer.
The nose has a wonderful fruity malty earthy aroma backed with that caramel that many Czech style pilsners are famous for.
The flavors are neither here nor there, very light in flavor but not missing or wishing for more as well. The bitterness of the beer is upfront but is followed with caramel and fruit backed with a zest of lemon finish.
This is a very good beer to dine with or for warmer climates. A very easy drinking beer for the American Pallet and honestly refreshing to know that it is better not to put lime or salt into this finely crafted Mexican beer.

Personal Opinion:
Out of all the Mexican beers this is matter of fact the best. Good quality, durability and a fine example of German/Czech style of beer that is represented in Mexico. If this beer was in a popularity contest it would loose its ass off, I’m not sure why, its literally the best Mexican beer available on the market.
Since summer is coming give it a go, if you like German styled Pilsners or Lagers this may satisfy that beer belly of yours at a BBQ, sporting event or just hanging with some bros – good stuff but its still Mexican and for a Mexican Beer it is one of the best which isn’t saying much.
It gets three Mexican stars ***

Happy Mom's Day

I got up and made my wife and monster in law a mothers day special breakfast - scrambles eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, fresh coffee and mimosas.
As for a present my wife got this bitchin 1980 Murray thats is 100% original, shes pretty stoked.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Favorite Triumph

They seemed correct with this model, nothing to change and thats saying allot if you know me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco = Battle of Puebla and Cooper Moto day

Cooper was a brand of off-road motorcycles made in Mexico using engine parts made in Italy and later, engines made by Sachs. Imported into the United States in the early 1970's by Frank Cooper and sold as Cooper. Frank Cooper was a dealer for Maico when he contracted with Mexican motorcycle company, Islo to produce an Enduro and also a motocross model.

Islo also made a trials bike from 1971 - 1975 called GRM (Grapevine Racing Motors) that was imported to the USA, for Bill Grapevine, who designed the bike. Islo also supplied the engines for California's Jones Motorsports who had the AMMEX motorcycle franchise. The Islo manufacturing facilities and name were bought by Honda around 1982.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Steering Stabalizer

I hated the stock sterring damper / Stabalizer that come on the BMW r60/5, literally the only plastic pc on the bike, how stupid is that. Anyhow, I busted out a new one today utilizing an old Harley Davidson Aarmachi one. Sorry for the bad pic, \but I think it came out alright in my book.